Advanced vehicle telematics systems

BreakerLog has a wide product range of vehicle telematic hardware solutions that are open to software developers to achieve their bravest dreams in the connected vehicles market. Because of the easy to use software development kits and the full support BreakerLog provides to its customers, development of complex software systems, which otherwise would cost enormous amount of money is now possible and easy as a piece of cake.

Monitoring thousands of parameters for heavy duty vehicles, industrial equipment and certainly the transport industry and its millions of trucks and buses is available out of the box with the advanced Java software development kit that comes with every hardware device. Connecting the hardware with our exclusive M2M Cloud backend provider BreakerLog, makes it possible to fully complete any end-user product for vehicle telematics.

The advanced M2M cloud admin interface makes it really easy to allocate application and TCP agent nodes and properly balance the load according to the geographic locations of the customers and usage statistics. Debugging real-time device messages, and creating the front-end for user management, billing, scheduling tasks is a piece of cake with the M2M development environment and its administrative interface.

Edit source online, integrate with GitHub, do live deployment, sandbox environments and do distributed software development - all this is possible with the BreakerLog M2M Cloud service. You can connect your device and start communicating with it since the very early phase of the project development.

This can be your next cool connected vehicle application based on our advanced technologies. We cover the difficult 90% of any telematics application and leave the essential 10% over to your imagination.

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